Call Your Agriculture Committee Members Now!!!

Please contact these people via email or fax or phone call. They are meeting on Thursday. This is regarding the bill SB 1654 and HB 641 Animal Health Service Exemption A little history: This Florida Alliance for Pet Owners rights a group that was started by this woman in Pensacola who is angry about […]

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The Mamas and the Papas of Skip’s Pharmacy

The original vision for Skip’s Pharmacy was a “mom and pop” pharmacy. Remember the old fashioned place we went as a kid. We couldn’t do anything wrong because they knew our parents. We always had to be on our best behavior. If they didn’t have what we needed they figured it out. I don’t ever […]

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Hurricane Tips

Folks, Hurricane season is upon us. Time to pin up our tracking maps and get ready. This is a drill that those of us that have lived in Florida are used to. I think it’s a great time to stress to your clients the importance of microchips. Many animals were displaced during Hurricane Andrew. Collars […]

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Pet Loss Support

A few years ago, when our sixteen-year-old golden died, our vet send us a copy of “THE RAINBOW BRIDGE.” It brought comfort to me. I carried it around in my bag for months making copies and sharing it with other folks that had lost their pets. Grief is the normal response to any important loss […]

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Why MicroChips?

Even the best pet owners go through this nightmare. The gardener leaves the back gate open. One of the kids forgot to close the back door. There was a bad storm that spooked your pet. Your pet was stolen out of the back yard. Well behaved pets are sold for research. Animals such as purebreds, […]

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Holiday Pet Safety Tips

With Christmas and the New Year just around the corner here are some tips to help keep your pet safe during this joyous season. Following these safety tips can help prevent: Hang breakable decorations and tinsel well out of paw’s reach. Tinsel, ribbon and ornaments are especially dangerous to pets if chewed and swallowed. Place […]

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Skips Pharmacy does the FVMA Annual Convention

The Florida Veterinary Medical Association’s annual convention was held at the Buena Vista resorts . It has been a yearly event for us for the last six years (except last year we were stuck down here after Hurricane Frances). I was surprised and very honored to received an award from the FVMA for my work […]

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The Joy of Microchiping

A few years ago someone called me about a dog that needed to be re-homed. I drove all the way down to Miami and brought him back and had him scanned. He had a microchip. I called his owners. He had been missing for 6 months. He just traveled from place to place. He looked […]

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Why we buy Heartworm Medicine From our Vets

One of the most important things we do for our dogs and cats in Florida is to provide a heartworm preventive. The heartworm (Dirofilaria immitis) is now recognized as a major, global parasite affecting dogs, cats, wolves, coyotes, and foxes. From its discovery in dogs more than a century ago and the documentation in cats […]

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The Truth about Big Hairy dogs

Pets are so good for us. They keep us company. They give us unconditional love. They make us laugh. Some folks look at puppies and think “How cute. I want one.” (Not me – I hear the theme song from JAWS every time I see a puppy.) People will go out and purchase a pet […]

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