Call Your Agriculture Committee Members Now!!!

Please contact these people via email or fax or phone call. They are meeting on Thursday.

This is regarding the bill SB 1654 and HB 641 Animal Health Service Exemption

A little history:
This Florida Alliance for Pet Owners rights a group that was started by this woman in Pensacola who is angry about something and started this group. You can go and read or web page and a decision for yourself. Apparently she got enough and enough members to hire some decent lobbyists.

Unfortunately, the intent of bill is dangerous to the public health.

1.Any cow given homeopathy will not have its milk certified. I have not been able to get an answer on meat as of yet-but I will try today but I would a guess that because of all the rules that any thing we are going to ingest will not be getting any kind of unknown substance.

2. The other issue I would talk about is that fact that in order for you to practice you had to go to school, study hard ,take a board and take CE. Having a professional license is what you makes you responsible and not a scam artist that can take advantage of people. This bill would allow unlicensed veterinarians to set up shop. This again would be a danger to the public health.

This woman’s premise is that there are not Veterinarians that are providing these services and she can’t get these services. With the exception of animal communication I would have to disagree. If one goes to one will see there are plenty of alternative veterinarians if people wish to go.

Call this bill aromatherapy for Elsie. You gotta cut me some slack. My mom’s cousin Muriel, a wonderful person and teacher, was also the original voice of Elsie the Cow-so I have some kinship issues. This Bill filed By Senator Baker of Lake, Marion, Seminole, Sumter, and Volusia counties wants to allow people who are not licensed veterinarians to practice veterinary medicine that is supposedly non-medical. Now I’m told the farrier issue has been dealt with. This bill will allow a person who calls them-self an independent contractor to provide particular services. It talks about it being livestock, herd or avian animals. It also talks about this being non-medical treatment. It says including but not limited to: acupressure, aromatherapy, animal communication, farriery, flower essence therapy, homeopathy, light therapy, magnet therapy, massage therapy, hydrotherapy, nutritional counseling, debeaking ( sorry for the debarking before-there was a type on my copy) , dehorning, and manual equine teeth floating. Then it talks about this being a herd animal that is raised for food. It then goes on to talk about castration and parasite control. All these folks need do is get a occupational license from his or her county residence, advice the animal owner, produce credentials, refrain from animal cruelty and refrain from advertising that he or she is a veterinarian.

if you need more information google search Florida Senate and put in the senate numbers. Please call and have your staff call asap.

Here are the contacts on the agricultural committee

Rod Smith ;Tallahassee Office:
from Gainesville
Room 202
Senate Office Building
404 South Monroe Street
Tallahassee, FL
(850) 487-5020
SunCom 277-5020

Email:[email protected]

Larcenia,Bullard from Miami
Tallahassee Office:
Room 218
Senate Office Building
404 South Monroe Street
Tallahassee, FL
(850) 487-5127
SunCom 277-5127


Nancy Argenziano
Crystal River, FL 34429
Tallahassee Office:
(850 487-5017


Mike Bennett
(850) 487-5078


Mike Haridopoulous
Melbourne, FL 32940-7307
Tallahassee Office:
Room 318
Senate Office Building
404 South Monroe Street
Tallahassee, FL
(850) 487-5056
SunCom 277-5056


Durell Peaden Jr
Crestview, FL
Tallahassee Office:
(850) 487-5000
SunCom 277-5000



Toll Free: 800-553-7429
Local: 561-218-0111

160 SW 12th Ave suite 102
Deerfield Beach, Fl 33442

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