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Folks, Hurricane season is upon us. Time to pin up our tracking maps and get ready. This is a drill that those of us that have lived in Florida are used to. I think it’s a great time to stress to your clients the importance of microchips. Many animals were displaced during Hurricane Andrew. Collars come off but a microchip is forever.

I also think its important to stress a hurricane plan for pets whether its boarding or taking pets to a hotel.

Its important to find out what hotels take Pets. Generally, Best Westerns, Comfort Suites, and Days Inns will take pets. Holiday Inn, Budget, Residence Inn, Wellesley Inn, La Quintal take small pets only.[photopress:machismiles.JPG,thumb,pp_float_right]

If Folks make plans now, it will help decrease the stress when the storm is coming.

Due to lack of awareness and planning ahead, many owners leave their animals behind outdoors to fend for themselves. It is unlikely those pets will survive on their own.

It’s an important time to remind your clients to have their immunizations up to date. Many boarding facilities will require proof of current distemper and rabies.

Please remind your clients who have pets taking essential medications like insulin and potassium bromide to check their supply well before the arrival of a storm and make sure they have at least a two week supply.

Cyndi Lenz RNC


Get a crate for your pet and help your pet get used to the crate before the storm. Make sure all vaccinations, especially rabies and distemper are up to date.
Put a collar on your pet with updated tags and if you can get a microchip or tattoo as a backup.
If you plan to stay at home, prepare an easily cleaned room away from windows for your pet
If you know that you will evacuate to a public shelter, arrange to board your pet ahead of time.
If you know you are going to evacuate to a hotel make sure you know which hotels take pets.
For each Pet have a two week supply of food, treats, and water. To handle pet waste have enough newspaper, plastic bags cleaner and disinfectant.
Make sure the person who is boarding your pet knows about your pets special diet.
Make sure you have at least two weeks worth of medication.


Keep your Pets inside after a hurricane. If you take your pet outdoors, keep your dog on a leash.
Remember, pets are more easily lost and confused when outdoors after a storm because of altered scents and landmarks.
Beware of fallen power lines and reptiles brought in with high water that could endanger your pet.
Don’t allow your pet to drink water or eat food that was contaminated.
Check with local health services and animal hospitals regarding any diseases spreading as a result of the disaster.


Well-fitting collar with current rabies, license and tags. This is a great time to get a microchip for you pet

Color Photo of your Pet. Before the storm video tape the contents of your house and your pets and send the tape to a friend or relative out of state.

Current Health records in zipper-locked plastic bags. You can send a copy of these with important insurance records along with above video tape.Portable Pet carriers and bedding

Litter Box2 weeks worth of food and water

Medication. Remember your vet and pharmacy will be getting ready for the storm-don’t wait until the last minute.


First-Aid Kits


Emergency Management web site at URL:

Hotels & Motels Which Accept Pets


Toll Free: 800-553-7429
Local: 561-218-0111

160 SW 12th Ave suite 102
Deerfield Beach, Fl 33442

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