The Joy of Microchiping

A few years ago someone called me about a dog that needed to be re-homed. I drove all the way down to Miami and brought him back and had him scanned. He had a microchip. I called his owners. He had been missing for 6 months. He just traveled from place to place. He looked like he never missed a meal the whole time. The family was thrilled to get him back.

A few years ago a man called me because his dog got out during a thunderstorm. I told him I would keep an eye out for his dog but to call animal control and report the dog lost. Six month later I got a call from this girl. Her mother had a stroke and had taken in a golden six months before- the dog had been running around in a thunderstorm. When I got this call I remembered the guy and called animal control got his number and they were reunited. The dog was literary 3 blocks away from the guys house. To me this was a little miracle. Another little miracle happened. I got an email from my friend Greg ,who does rescue work out west. A golden named Buddy was found in a New Mexico shelter. He had a microchip and was now being returned to his little boy in West Palm Beach. Buddy had been lost during Hurricane Jeanne last year. Unfortunately, Buddy can’t tell us how he made it out all the way to New Mexico. (Maybe he could tell me because I would really like to go there!)

I know this. If my dogs got lost for any reason I would want them back. Both of them are micro-chipped. I wouldn’t want anyone finding anyone’s dog and not trying to get the dog back where it belonged. This is not the judgement of a shelter or any rescue person. You get stray dogs scanned- period -end of story. You place an ad in the newspaper. You call your lost and found. Maybe one day we could have one computerized place to put this information. How much would that cost? If you have an issue about the shape of the dog then you discuss with the owners. Use this opportunity to educate people that may not know better. Be a positive force in your community. If your dog is not chipped then get them one for Christmas , Hanukkah their birthday or gotchaday. I can’t think of a better investment.


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