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The Folke Peterson Wildlife Center is closing.For assistance with injured wildlife in Palm Beach County, the public is asked to call Busch Wildlife Sanctuary at 561-575-3399. In Broward County please call the Wildlife Care Center at 954-524-4302.

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2008 Pet Hall of Fame Award Honoring our Animal Companions Every year these awards are presented to honor the outstanding contributions our animal companions make to human lives. There will be one inductee selected for each of the following categories: Hero: Pets who have unselfishly saved or preserved human life (non-professional) Companion: Pets who have […]

Redemption: The Myth of Pet Overpopulation and the No Kill Revolution in America by Nathan Winograd a book review by Cyndi Lenz RN For me, the most amazing part of this whole issue with our local commission was to read Nathan Winograd’s Redemption. To me the words NO KILL meant long slow death because of […]

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Here some info on where we are at right now today HB 101 – Relating to Dangerous Dogs – Eliminates prohibition of breed-specific local government regulation of dangerous dogs ∑ Breed specific legislation has not been shown to reduce the incidence of dog bites in any part of the world despite a twenty-year history. By […]

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We were very pround to be honored at the 12th Bullie Olympics and her is the video from the day On Feb 23 2008 Buddies thru bullies a local bull dog rescue had its annual Bullie Olympics

f you live in Palm Beach County you may be interested in signing a petition for a new dog beach. Go to and you can read the proposed changes to the ordinance. Thanks to Dr John Pacy for spear heading this effort.