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website where you can find all the video for all the conferences

National Canine Cancer Foundation Fundraiser Cancer is the number i natural cause of death in dogs. 1 out of 3 dogs will get cancer. The National Canine Cancer Foundation is a nationwide, contribution funded, non profit corporation whose mission is to eliminate cancer as a major health problem. Chris Pike, Marketing and Promotion Director from […]

Niacinate A “no-flush” niacin source Niacinate provides inositol hexaniacinate, a safe and effective alternative to conventional niacin preparations. This compound, formed from niacin and inositol, a member of the B-vitamin family, eliminates the uncomfortable skin flushing and itching side effect of high dose niacin. Studies show this compound supports the metabolism of fat and cholesterol […]

The Folke Peterson Wildlife Center is closing.For assistance with injured wildlife in Palm Beach County, the public is asked to call Busch Wildlife Sanctuary at 561-575-3399. In Broward County please call the Wildlife Care Center at 954-524-4302.

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Mary Boyle Bradley has her own radio show and she talks about LDN when the show is live you can call in .. 646 200 4047

Thanks to the hard work of Sheryl and Adam our rescue book is totally up to date and ready to roll. If you would like a PDF copy please send me an email at Military Working Dogs have played a vital role in our nation’s history from world war two to present. During the Vietnam War canine soldiers and their handlers are estimated to have prevented as many as 10,000 deaths. Up until 2000 these dogs were euthanized at the end of their service. These are highly trained […]

Book Review: Up The Creek with a Paddle by Mary Boyle Bradley Review by Cyndi Lenz RN While attending the second annual LDN conference at NIH I had the great pleasure  of meeting Mary Boyle Bradley the author of “Up the Creek with a Paddle.” She was invited attend as a LDN advocate and she […]