Redemption: The Myth of Pet Overpopulation and the No Kill Revolution in America by Nathan Winograd
a book review
by Cyndi Lenz RN

For me, the most amazing part of this whole issue with our local commission was to read Nathan Winograd’s Redemption. To me the words NO KILL meant long slow death because of previous experiences. I saw when you used the words NO KILL people saying “We are just not ready for this.” as they scattered across the room.
I had never felt the need to read about the history of the Humane movement or PETA or any groups like that. I had my rescue. We we did our own thing and really did not pay attention to anyone else. When I started reading this book I sat fascinated until I finished.
Winograd is unequivocally the #1 animal advocate in the United States. This book tells the story of a social movement born to kindness and love that turned into an incredible industry that was not as pure as people thought.
Its about being creative – I think thats what resonated with me. There is a statement of Rights;
Sheltered animals have the right to live;
Feral Cats have a right to their lives and their habitats (and here in Florida -if we do not have cats we’ll have rats);
Animals, Rescuers and the public have a right to expect animal protection organizations and animal shelters to do everything in their power to promote, protect and advocate for lives of animals;
Animal protection groups, rescue groups, and No Kill shelters have a right to take into custody animals who would be otherwise killed by animal shelters:
Taxpayers and community members have a right to have their government spend tax monies on program and services whose purpose is to save and enhance the lives of all animals;
Taxpayers and community members have a right to full and complete disclosure about how animal shelters operate;
There is more and one can read it at
Its a philosophy for success so don’t scatter until you read it.
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