We are seeking out individuals who meet the following criteria in
order to fulfill a sample and data request from researchers at NASA.

The researchers at NASA will be using repository samples to perform
pathogen and gene expression analyses in an effort to provide insight
into one of the potential causes of MS.

There are no drugs involved, only a blood draw and extensive


* Diagnosed MS within the past 2 years
* Never taken any MS drugs
(Avonex,Betaseron,Copaxone,Rebif,Tysabri,or chemo)
* No antibiotics or steroids w/in 2 weeks prior to sample draw
* No cold or flu reported day of draw
* 18 years or older
* Able to travel to one of our 6 participating sites in:
Worcester, MA
New York, NY
Baltimore, MD
Atlanta, GA
Dallas, TX
Phoenix, AZ

If you meet the above criteria and live or travel near one of our
sites, please contact repository director for more information:

Sara Loud

Details on our repository:

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