here is a new volunteer network, named for lost Greyhound Alice, geared to reuniting lost pets with their owners. The network will know exactly what to do and who to call, while a distressed owner may waste precious minutes in panic.  Flyers will be printed and distributed without delay.  Volunteers in the neighborhood will be on the lookout for the pet immediately.

Many lost pets are injured and turned in to veterinarian offices and hospitals.  Their fate is then dependant upon the veterinarian’s ability to establish ownership of the animal; to make medical decisions and accept financial responsibility for treatment.

The success of The Alice Alert will be complimented by veterinarians who become part of the network.  Veterinarians will be sent details of lost animals and are asked to post to the network in the event of finding an animal without apparent ownership.

Dogs and cats are likely to roam a wide area, so the wider the network the greater chance of reunion for them with their owners.

Be part of the network. Email for more information or visit to register.

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