Book Review: Up The Creek with a Paddle by Mary Boyle Bradley
Review by Cyndi Lenz RN

While attending the second annual LDN conference at NIH I had the great pleasure  of meeting Mary Boyle Bradley the author of “Up the Creek with a Paddle.” She was invited attend as a LDN advocate and she was also there to see her brother Dr Phil Boyle. After spending a delightful evening I ordered her book so it would be waiting for me when I got home.
What I found was not only just a book about one persons journey from being diagnosed with MS but the story of a loving couple both with their own coping mechanisms and a wonderful supportive family. This is the  story of a woman who does not take “no” for an answer. You gotta love her.
This book tell the story of Mary and her husband Noel through their life so far dealing with MS and discovering LDN and Dr Bihari. It also talks about her selfless journey into being an advocate and an activist. Mary never ask the question why but just throws out there “Why not!”
 Mary writes letters to whole countries, entire continents. “Dear Africa -I think I may have the answer to helped your HIV problem. Not really but she did write to some governments of some countries in Africa. Bono, if your reading this CALL MARY.
Mary has rewritten the original book to reflect all the new stuff that has happened with LDN and her family since she wrote the first one and we are fortunate to have it on sale in the pharmacy.

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