The Mamas and the Papas of Skip’s Pharmacy

The original vision for Skip’s Pharmacy was a “mom and pop” pharmacy. Remember the old fashioned place we went as a kid. We couldn’t do anything wrong because they knew our parents. We always had to be on our best behavior. If they didn’t have what we needed they figured it out. I don’t ever remember leaving my little independent pharmacy upset because people were nasty, gave a blank stare or just were not willing to even have a discussion about my medications.

We started off with one set of Mom and Pop (and one kid, Adam, our son and webmaster) and last year we added another set. Phil and Theresa Giordano joined us as partners and brought their expertise on board. These folks were not strangers but old friends that we have worked with before. We could depend on them not only for their expertise but understanding our vision of Skip’s Pharmacy. For all of us, everyone that calls is special.

The folks that work for us have become part of our extended family. When you call you may speak to Jamie, Nicki, Ali or Theresa. What you will not hear is machine telling you to press one, two or 54 three hundred times before you can speak to someone. We hate that. Why in the world would we do that to you?

Someone from the back may answer the phone. You may speak to Diane, who recently passed her Pharmacy Technician Certification exam, Russ, Claudette, Mona, Nick (who is on his way to University of Florida next year) or any one of our pharmacy students from the University of Florida, Nova Southeastern or Florida Atlantic University.

Between all of us there are lots of pets. Skip & I have two Golden Retrievers, Machiavelli & Casey. I run a local golden rescue- The Tropical Dawg Golden Retriever Rescue. Nikki has a bunch of cats and she is co-owner of Feline Friends, a local cat shelter. Nick is a foster home volunteer For Buddies thru Bullies, a local Bulldog rescue. Phil & Theresa have a small pit bull mix rescued from a local humane society. Jamie has Reggie Sheba ennui. Ali has Tiki, a lab cocker mix and a cat. Diane has two cats. Mona and Claudette, two ex-vet techs, have their own menagerie of assorted dogs and cats.

It is a combination of being a small business, being so involved in the pet world and understanding that our veterinarians are also trying very hard to do the same thing we are that has made working with you all a enormous pleasure that we look forward to every day.


Toll Free: 800-553-7429
Local: 561-218-0111

160 SW 12th Ave suite 102
Deerfield Beach, Fl 33442

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