New Prescriptions and Refills

For Patients:
Getting an initial prescription filled:
Your health care provider can call it in or fax it over. We will then call you and get all your information. Just make sure on the fax that we can read your name and your phone number. If you don’t hear from us -call us and make sure we got it. We will not fill your prescription until we have spoken to you.
Calling in refills
Please always check your bottle to make sure you have a refill (You will find this on the lower left hand corner of your prescription label) and please do not wait until the last possible moment so it becomes and emergency. If you do not have any refills it is your responsibility to call your Physician or Veterinarian or prescribing health care professional and have them call in a refill for you.
At this point you need to call us and give us permission to fill your prescription. We WILL NOT refill your prescription just because your doctor called it in. We are a compounding pharmacy so what ever we compound is especially for you. We also do not call your health care providers for refills.  We do not fax requests. We feel very strongly your health care provider as a prescriber has a duty to you. We make calling in a prescription as easy a task as possible. Again, they are more than welcome to fax a prescription and make  just sure we can read names and phone numbers.
All these steps are so we can give you the very best price on your compounded medication and get it to you with the least amount of hassles and aggravation possible.
Please also note on the label there is a Rx number on the upper left hand corner. When you call us please have this number available.

For Prescribers
When calling in an initial prescription for a patient that is going to either pick up a prescription or have it mailed please let them know we will not fill the prescription unless we speak to them first. Once we get their permission to fill it we will find out if they want to pick it up or have it mailed.
You can call us or you can fax us what ever suits you needs. We do not fax requests or call you for refills as we feel that its the responsibility of the prescriber to call that prescription in.
If you need business cards from us please let us know and we are happy to drop them by.
All these steps are so we can give everyone  the very best price on your compounded medication and get it to you with the least amount of hassles and aggravation possible.


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