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Saturday, July 14, 2007

article by jennifer Sorentrue at the Palm Beach Post. Palm Beach County residents would need a permit to breed their pets under a plan being proposed by county officials to reduce the burgeoning animal population and curb budget cutbacks at animal control.

The plan also calls for increasing fees for many services at the county’s animal shelter, including rabies vaccinations, microchips and spaying and neutering.

Please read the whole article and explain this to me.

The Palm Beach County Animal Care and Control is going to loose funding so they are going to tax respsonsible breeders (Do you guys really the irresponsible ones are goona show up?” and they are even considering a manadatory spay/neuter ordinence.

Who gonna make sure this happens? Then they need more money for officers to drive around checking in between the legs of male dogs) .

I don’t understand.

I’ve been talking microchips for years. Tatoos would be fine too!  How about a snug collar and some up to date tags. Folks, read about why you should spay and neuter your dog (or kitty) and go to your veterinarian and get it done. and get a chip while your there.

Then send your county commis  a letter and say “I’ve done my part now you do yours.” and make sure they make sure that there are scanners all over the county to read your microchips in humane societies that will share these with local rescues or anyone that finds a dog. and ask them to make sure that these humane societies are reading chips if they are accepting stray dogs.

They will tell you they can’t do anything because they have no control over private humane societies because they don’t get paid. Tell me I’m wrong -they have established a relationship with these places and allowed them to take in stray dogs from our comminities -there for there is a responsibility here.

People will get microchips if they have confidence that it will help get their pet home.

This is a community event Folks. can we have a Pet identification month that we can get behind?

Its our responsible as people to take care of our pets. If we do this together we can make a difference without getting any more taxes imposed on us.


(this article is my opinion only)


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