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Skip’s Pharmacy is not an internet pharmacy. We are a brick and mortar community pharmacy. Our community is not just our local physical place but spreads far and wide.   I originally developed our webpage to be educational and entertaining. Since my original feeble attempts with Frontpage the technical building of the web site www.skipspharmacy.com has been taken over by our son, Adam. What I had envisioned was not just a bunch of cyber pages trying to sell you stuff but real information and real interaction. It has been a work in progress.

Last year, when we fought along side with our Florida Veterinary Medical   “ASSOCIATION”     against the Florida H1107 , a horrible pharmacy bill that would have impacted all of our veterinarian friends and our pets  in a very negative way. I was thrilled to get an award from the Florida Veterinary Medical Association for my effort but the real reward was when this bill was vetoed by the Governor. The use of our web page to communicate at this time was invaluable. You can read all about it. The link is Vet Law Legislative alerts and can found under Quick links.

We have an entire Pets and Vets section that is geared to our veterinarians. We have listed articles that will be of interest to you.“Why we buy our Heartworm Medicine from our Veterinarian” and “Why Microchip” are available in PDF for you to download and post in your office.

We have just moved our web log to WordPress and updated it.  It allows for your comments and suggestions and allows us to be even more interactive.  It provides us with a  central place to post important information that we think you all will need. You can sign up for email alerts.  We are absolutely committed not to waste your time with trivial matters but to have an efficient way of informing you.

We also have created two rescue books. One is for Florida and the one is national.
These books are available on our web page in PDF. Even though this information is readily available on the internet we feel that it is much more convenient   for a veterinarian and staff to have a reference close by. More and more people these days are interested in rescuing a particular breed and this just makes everyone’s life a bit easier. The national book is set up to send your client to either the National Rescue Page of a particular breed or the breed club. In the evolution of the Internet and Rescue most national sites either list or have available the state rescues that folks can go to. There is usually invaluable information on puppies if that is the wish.  In my golden rescue down here in south Florida we have placed hundreds of Golden retrievers in our local community but we also have people through a local Golden club  that help us with puppy referral and education about breeding practices.
So come and have a look at www.skipspharmacy.com and enjoy


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