3rd Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN) Conference Videos Here

This is an update with additional information. Please feel free to send to anyone who may benefit from LDN and also download and print the attached pdf. mjh

3rd Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN) Conference,
October 20, 2007, Vanderbilt University, USA
Some uncut, unedited videos from the conference are listed below. Turn up your speakers.

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Just a bit of an overview of the conference, a teaser.

This is the opening of the 3rd LDN Conference, speaking are Suzie Sedlock, Brenda Powell and David Gluck, MD, USA.. Dr Gluck reviews the several LDN research projects underway around the world. About 30 minutes.

The second video features Burt Berkson, MD, USA, with a review of the several cancer patients he has treated with LDN and alpha-lipoic-acid (ALA). He also mentions the role Epstein-Barr virus can play in some cancers. This video concludes with a moving account of Noreen’s significant success using LDN for HIVAIDS. About 30 minutes.

Next comes Pat Crowly, MD, of Ireland, where he’s treated a large number of patients with LDN, primarily for Multiple Sclerosis (MS). He has spoken at earlier LDN conferences. About 20 minutes.

Skip Lenz, Pharm. D. , USA, www.skipspharmacy.com is a leading expert in compounding LDN. He presents research on LDN use with MS patients he’s tracked for years.

Chemist Brendan Quinn, Gort County, Ireland and Dr Terry Grossman, USA, discuss aspects of LDN and review cancer statistics. Grossman’s prescribed LDN for renal cancer. About 10 minutes..

Dr Gluck presents the work of Tom Gilhooly, MD, Scotland, and his pending research on MS bladder issues. LDN is part of a protocol he uses including vitamin D, omega-3 fats and multi-vitamins for MS. Then, Gluck presents Dr McCandless’, USA, current project of testing LDN for HIVAIDS in Mali Africa. An Ob/Gyn, Dr Joseph McWherter, USA, speaks about 200 breast cancer survivors on LDN, several LDN users report their experiences. About 30 minutes.

NOTES: If you include a link to these videos on your website, you must also include an adjacent link to www.lowdosenaltrexone.org and also to www.skipspharmacy.com per Cyndi Lenz. Do not upload these unedited videos to utube or other video sharing websites without Cyndi’s written permission.

These videos are the work of Cyndi Lenz, RN and her son, Adam. We owe them a big debt of gratitude for the countless hours of work invested in making these videos for us to see. This document will be updated and circulated as additional material becomes available. mjh, [email protected] 25 Jan 2008


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