Up the Creek with a Paddle

Author: Mary Boyle Bradley

[photopress:1413765998.02._SCMZZZZZZZ_.jpg,full,pp_float_left]While attending the second annual LDN conference at NIH I had the great pleasure  of meeting Mary Boyle Bradley the author of “Up the Creek with a Paddle.” She was invited attend as a LDN advocate and she was also there to see her brother Dr Phil Boyle. After spending a delightful evening I ordered her book so it would be waiting for me when I got home.
What I found was not only just a book about one persons journey from being diagnosed with MS but the story of a loving couple both with their own coping mechanisms and a wonderful supportive family. This is the  story of a woman who does not take “no” for an answer.
I was loving this book but then I came upon a bit about Skip at the end of one of the chapters. Skip’s been a lot of things this year, movie actor (www.socialworkfilm.com), awesome speaker (NIH, FVMA, Palm Beach Veterinary Society) but this was new. My husband the plot point.
Ok, back on subject. This book tell the story of Mary and her husband Noel through their life so far  dealing with MS and discovering LDN and Dr Bihari. It also talks about her selfless journey into being an advocate and an activist. Mary never ask the question why but just throws out there “Why not!”
I thought I was hot stuff calling our governors office and helping to get a bill vetoed. Mary writes letters to whole countries, entire continents. “Dear Africa -I think I may have the answer to helped your HIV problem. Not really but she did write to some governments of some countries in Africa.   Bono, if your reading this CALL MARY.
There were a  few things that  made me cringe.   I knew she  had to write about them to be intellectually honest . The thought of people buying drugs from Mexico and brewing them up in the kitchen  really put me over the edge. I personally do not believe there is a reason for anyone to do this. I do understand why.  It just shows what great lengths these folks will go to take care of themselves . I think in many ways they feel the medical community at large has failed them.
I’m not going to tell you any more. Its a wonderful read and an incredibly easy read. Its a good book to get and share with your friends. I guarantee you’ll feel like you sitting with one your friends
as she tells you the story of her family. So if I could sum it up. Its a very personal story with that is very relatable on many levels and well worth it. We have this book on our web in our store or you can order it with your prescription.


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