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We stepped back and took a look at what was really necessary for our website.  The google search is climbing, we sold our first products, and the session count has increased a lot!  The first year the site was up we had 10k hits, the last quarter of 2005 we had 11k sessions averaging 10 minutes each.  So we got up and moved from our old servers to dreamhost.  They provide excellent hosting at much less then we were paying before.  My hopes for the new spot include:

  • Well, this blog!  We are going to organize the articles into a blog powered by wordpress.  Easily search-able and mainainable.
  • New estore – We are switching from simple credit verification (which took forever) to a pay-pal shopping cart.  You will not need a paypal account to use it.
  • Secure certificates and such:  so your personal information is kept that way.
  • Media Media Media:  we now have access to quicktime streaming server so we can deliver Internet broadcasted video with out all the waiting time.
  • A proper forum based on the open source phpbb forum system

I want to put up a poll in regards to the music that plays on the website.  It has been a subject of continued debate for MANY years.  more coming soon on that.


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160 SW 12th Ave suite 102
Deerfield Beach, Fl 33442

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