The Florida Veterinary Medical Association’s annual convention was held at the Buena Vista resorts . It has been a yearly event for us for the last six years (except last year we were stuck down here after Hurricane Frances). I was surprised and very honored to received an award from the FVMA for my work on helping to get the pharmacy law vetoed by the Governor. It was really my pleasure. The entire experience just reinforced my commitment to pay attention to what is going on. I can guarantee you there will be new ones coming down the pike. Which brings me to the message from the General Assembly. It is so important right now to find out who your representatives are. The next step is for them to know who you are. Make an appointment with your representatives and go visit them. I just add my own opinion-invite them to your monthly county veterinary meeting and have a conversation with them. This way when they are voting for a bill they can actually picture you. When you call them they can put a face to the name.

There was also a short but very informative presentation by Dr Cynda Crawford from the University of Florida regarding Canine Influenza. The alert that you all got is also listed at If you haven’t had a chance to attend this yearly convention or the regional conventions they put on there is lots of good programing for you and your staff. I think the FVMA does any exceptional job to find interesting subjects.