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Forward From the Editor

Almost 10 years I started off with a three page list in 10 font of a bunch of breed rescues in Florida. This little list grew to this book which is now in its second printing.

I have been rescuing goldens and been involved in the animal world in a large scale for the last eight years. When i started rescuing I thought all i would just see the occasional abused or neglected dog. Boy was I surprised. A very small percentage of dogs that I take into rescue are abused or neglected but often given up for a unfortunate but usually valid reason. People economic situations change, peoples living situation change due to illness, people may be ill informed when they get a pet and not be able to deal with its particular issues as it grows from a puppy to an adult dog.

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Click here to download the Rescue book .pdf – Rev. Aug 2006)

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As a public service we would like to list adoptions available through rescue and and local lost dogs.
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