Veterinary Compounding

Does giving your pet medicine scare the devil out of you?

It shouldn’t!

Our Veterinary Compounding allows Veterinarians to do what is best for your pet! We compound specifically for the animal being treated.

We compound medications for your pet

You are more than welcome to call us and discuss the needs of the animal you need compounded medication for. We believe in the triad relationship. client-veterinarian- pharmacist.

We have a wholesale license -email us with your whole sale needs and questions

We Provide Solutions

We want your pets to be licking their chops after they take our medicine. We can problem – solve with you for a positive solution.

Different kinds of animals have different flavoring issues.. Making sure our furry & feathered clients get flavored medication in the ideal size, strength and dosage form is basic for us. Sometimes it comes down to the individual pets needs. What’s the issue? You tell us and we will help you.

We Have All Kinds of Good Ideas

At Skips Pharmacy, specialized pharmacists prepare medications utilizing patient specific dosing in unique delivery systems to achieve optimal therapeutic outcomes. Not every pharmacy can compound. Our extensive inventory of specialized chemicals and equipment are not available in most pharmacies. Our pharmacists have received extensive additional training in compounding techniques.

We can compound numerous dosage forms that are just right for specific animals. Orals, Liquids, transdermals, chewies, otics, ophthalmics, creams, gels, ointments and suppositories . Not all medications are appropriate for different delivery forms and we are happy to discuss that too. Specialists in Potassium Bromide Dosing and available dosage forms, insulin dosing, epoetin dosing, otic antibiotic dosing.

Pet Rescue

Skip’s Pharmacy Is a Proud Supporter of Pet Rescue In South Florida

For information on Goldens that need homes in the South Florida area please and click on adoptable dogs. On the links page we have added a link for all Florida rescues.

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Memberships & Associations

Skip’s Pharmacy is a member of the
American College of Veterinary Pharmacy
Skip’s Pharmacy is a Member of the FVMA Veterinary Industry Advisory Council
Skip’s Pharmacy is a Member of the Veterinary Information Network