(I have edited it down a bit and also did not use a name because of confidentially .)
I was diagnosed with possible MS in Spring 2004 after a mild case of optic neuritis and faint spots on my MRI. But tests like evoked potentials and spinal tap were negative so I was still in denial. Never the less I started searching the web for information on MS and treatment possibilities. When I came across LDN I kept it in the back of my mind as something to look into in case of another MS symptom.
When I had my next symptom, tingling feet, 18 months later I realized that I probably do have MS and that I should look into treatment.
then during this unsettling time I got Mary Anne Boyle Bradley’s book.
After reading her book in record time of one day I felt so reassured that taking LDN was the best, easiest and safest thing to do and
that it offered me the best possible MS treatment. I quickly found a doctor who prescribed LDN for me but did not really know anything
about LDN except of what I told him. Because of Mary and her book I never felt like I was going this path by myself.
Because of Mary’s well written story of her husband’s journey with MS and his success with LDN I made probably the best decision of my life! I am sure she did the same for countless other readers of her book.
Thank you so very much Mary!

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