Party with the Big Dogs with Friends of Jupiter Beach

A few weeks ago Tina Valant sent me this invitation to go to an event up in Jupiter. In her photos were the most gorgeous golden retrievers at the Square Grouper and I immediately emailed her back and said “How can I help?”
I have to honestly admit that I really had no idea how much “The Friends of Jupiter Beach” did. I have taken my goldens Machiavelli and Casey to the beach a few times and I thought they just provided the poop bags and I honestly never gave it much thought.
So not only did I have fun at this event, meet a lot of wonderful people, gain a huge admiration for the “Friends of Jupiter Beach” , get to party with the Big Dogs and Dawgs and Dawgetts at the world famous tiki bar “The Square Grouper” in Jupiter but low and behold -I actually learned something.
“Friends of Jupiter Beach” is a impressive organization that is 4,000 people strong with a huge commitment to the environment and the pride in their town is palpable.

many thanks to
Lynn Gibbons, Managing Director of the Friends of Jupiter Beach
Joan Ross, President of the Friends of Jupiter Beach
Jim Burg owner, the Square Grouper
and all the wonderful sponsors and volunteers and folks and their dogs that came out. I’ll be doing a second video with some more of the sponsors.

and to Skip’s Pharmacy for supporting me in going out and capturing this wonderful day in our community.

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