Denial of Treatment People powered LDN Doc has two teasers up


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  1. cartoonman says:

    Great videos! I’m an LDN believer but haven’t seen an upside to some people’s quest for official FDA approval. Definitely spread the word but why risk getting big pharma or big government involved? They’re just liable to severly inflate the price or limit availability.

    Does anyone have insight on how this newly Supreme Court upheld Healthcare Plan could affect the freedoms that LDN users currently enjoy? By freedoms, I mean the ability to consult and obtain RXs from Naturopathic doctors, as opposed to being turned down by traditional non-believing Neuros or govt appointed doctors? If such freedoms could possibly be threatened, then, is it time to get more politically active … or contemplate a move to Canada?

    Anyway, thanks for the great work you all do at Skips!

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