Once upon a time in a frigid land where the water turned to ice there was boy who worked in his neighborhood drug store. He delivered drugs to the customers and worked in the pharmacy, made milk shakes and ice cream sodas. He watched Nick, the pharmacist, fix scratches, answer questions and get up in the middle of the night to deliver medicine for one of his customer’s daughter’s ear infection. He watched PHARMACEUTICAL CARE in action.

This boy grew to be a man and traveled to the big city to learn the ways of the Pharmacist. He studied and learned how to create wondrous potions, suspensions, creams, gels, ointments and lotions.

Alas, he worked in a world where the medicines came from big machines and his job was to only put them in a bottle and give them to his patients. He continued his search for his dream by learning manufacturing. He searched for ways to help the wise older folks in nursing homes and people with AIDS/ HIV.

He traveled from place and place but never felt complete until he could create medicines for people and animals that were specific for them. He could talk to people and teach them what they needed to know about their medicines.

He never gave up his dream of Pharmaceutical Care. And also to live in a land where the ice just stayed in your glass and made your Pepsi cold.

I am proud to present to you:

Skip’s Pharmacy

A pharmacy dedicated to providing the highest quality pharmaceutical care to our patients’

Skip’s Pharmacy is able to provide optimum pharmaceutical care by its unique ability to formulate and compound drugs specifically to meet patients’ needs.

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